Principles and Values

Principles and Values

  • The principles, it’s the rule or main idea that our behaviour and thought follow.
  • The values, are the things what we are strong.

These are our characteristics and our way to existence:


Any sitio in the world deserve respect. Their persons too. There isn’t one sitio identical to other sitio. Many differences, many peculiarities for respect.


We are an openbrand. We want to be a good tool for society and the world.


The relationship between person and environment is sentimental, emotional. It is a relationship for life. Excite this sentimental relationship with joyful and friendly is one of our wishes.


This feeling of pleasure that is generally born of a living soul satisfaction and manifests itself with outward signs. Our way to demostrate our cheerful is doing your clothing.


Because likes well-made, durable and correct things. Materials and quality processes. On time, because the time not agreed is neglected, is to be impatient and have a piece of your life that doesn’t belong to us.

On time

In time, because unagreed time is impatience and having a piece of your life that doesn’t belong to us.


Because friendships everywhere are nice attitude. There are fantastic people in the world.


When we create, we smile thinking with you because you can dress a special feeling that only you know.


The detail makes the sensation perfect.


Take care of the polished and delicate execution of things, it reflects a great estimate of creation and in what is being done.


The buzz of the educated expression is always valued. The lock of seduction and persuasion is at the ear.


Only one world, one Earth. Take care it. Ordering, preparing and shipping.