The Answer

The answer

The intergalactic space it’s so majestic, immense, large and spacious that scape and exceeds our sense of imagination and dimension that we have in the head. But in the middle of this unimaginable greatness, exist the local interstellar cloud bubble Orion arm-Milky Way, exist the solar system, exist the best universally known habitable Planet, exist the Planet Earth. The only one that allows the miracle of life. Air for breath, water for drink, food for eating, things to do, kindness to living, love to give, to be someone, to be here.

“We are in the best universally known habitable Planet in all intergalactic space”

Mankind is Citizens Explorers of Planet Earth of everywhere. Persona like you. Persona who has a special interest in where come from or where are going, who like to discover, drive, walk, travel, meet, be. Persona who has a special connection with a place. Persona who has a personal, unique, intimate and non-transferable site. Persona who has spherical respect.

“Persona, action and sitio”

Persona moves the life in the globe fitting and building the parts of life -love, work, friends, family,…- taking special bonds with places when something important happens there. At that moment life takes meaning where you are, where you stop life. Everything happens in a sitio. Everything happens in cities, villages, mountains, deserts, oceans, seas and roads. It’s the geographical part of life.

“Everything happens in a sitio”

For extraterrestrials, if one day you come from far away, we would like to dress you and present to you some of the sitio for carrying them beyond the sun, the stars of the sky, to another world.

For you Citizen Explorer, we would like that you find and have your sitio in the best universally known habitable Planet and enjoy it and dress it with pride for all the dark intergalactic space.

“The answer to everything is the sitio”

The brand sitio®

(*) We believe that in other Planets, in their sitio, in outer space, in the dark intergalactic space, happens lovely many things like ours too but any evidence about this still.