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The brand sitio® was born observing the sentimental reactions of people when they had a map nearby. At that moment -the creator Miquel– thought that those reactions have to be closer to persons around the world with a special piece of clothing.

Knowing that exist infinite sitio and approximately 7,594 million persons in Planet Earth, the sentimental bond between the person and the place is everywhere.

Our way to be is how an openbrand, looking the world through our scale of values and principles. Our way to do is slowfashion with ordering, preparing and shipping. Our way to say is communicating good vibes and love. Our way to act is with the maximum respect and solidarity to all mankind, to the sustainability and natural environment. Thanksgiving

A deep sensitivity to give meaning to the intrinsic fact to be, to do, and stay here, in the best universally known habitable Planet.

The equation of life: Person, action, and sitio.

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