Benvinguts – Welcome – Bienvenidos – Bienvenidas – Welcom – Willkommen – Ongi etorria – 어서 오십시오 – Velkommen – Bonvenon – Bienvenue


Barcelona Camp Nou t-shirt | sitio®

Next January 1st 2021, we’ll start a crowdfunding campaign in Verkami platform with Barcelona city and you. We’d like to measure the love for this city, to know if your relationship with her is strong, to meet some Person sitio® in live reception, to help some ONG of the city, to grow up, to invest again, to talk about her, to start to create pieces of clothing with a different way, to turn at the Earth speed rotate. Let us your email, follow the campaign and our social networks. Be a Barcelona sitio® persona. Be a Citizen Explorer of Barcelona with different distinguishing traits. Share with the people who you know that appraise this beautiful place in the world. Dress the city of your life. Dress your sitio on Planet Earth. More info:


See you soon !!

Time remaining for start crowdfunding:

What is your sitio?

The sitio of the week

Every week a new place of the Planet Earth it’s our starring…


Our way to do: 365/4 is own way to produce and create. This way is linked to our values and principles. We believe in another way to do. We produce four times every year and we’ll send the sitio to you the March 22th, June 22th, September 22th and December 14th.

The sitio22

[latín: sitius, –ae]:

Unique, personal, and non-transferable piece of clothing for dress the emotional bond between you and the places of Planet Earth where you have felt and lived the relevant experiences that given meaning to your life.

Dressing your t-shirts

White and sport grey are the colours for easy dressing with especial sentences about places but about Planet Earth and logotypes of the brand too.

Dressing your iPhone

Put in your Apple phone the place where your heart is or your words go.

Dressing your Galaxy

Dress your phone with your places of the dark intergalactic space.