You sitio Barcelona

You sitio® Barcelona

Next January 1st 2021, we’ll start a crowdfunding campaign in Verkami platform with Barcelona city and you. We’d like to measure the love for this city, to know if your relationship with her is strong, to meet some Person sitio® in live reception, to help some ONG of the city, to grow up, to invest again, to talk about her, to start to create pieces of clothing with a different way, to turn at the Earth speed rotate. Let us your email, follow the campaign and our social networks. Be a Barcelona sitio® persona. Be a Citizen Explorer of Barcelona with different distinguishing traits. Share with the people who you know that estimate this beautiful place in the world.

Dress the city of your life. Dress your sitio on Planet Earth.

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The city with the name of our Club

You sitio® Barcelona?

The Mediterranean city

Slow fashion. Organic cotton 100%. Made on Planet Earth from Barcelona.

The Eixample city

The weather in Barcelona


The Periquitu city

The beautiful airport terminal T1

Do you have more than one sitio® on Planet Earth?

Time remaining for start crowdfunding: