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Our pieces of clothing

The character | sitio®

Dressing your sitio on Planet Earth is to convert your feelings and love for your places of the world in personal, unique and non-transferable pieces of clothing.

For dress have different products now:

The sitio with maps, aerial pictures or cartography of cities, villages, mountains, seas, deserts or roads. Infinity stock !!

T-shirts with special sentences, the sitio logo, basic colours, easy dressing.

For dress in the future:

Cardinals will be the classic and elegant polo but we will change the name for coinciding with our geographic content: the four cardinals points of the Earth.

Shirts will be elegant pieces of clothing for serious moments.

For walk in the future:

Sneakers with maps and sitio® logo for walk with style.

Thanks globally,

Miquel Pujol Garcia
Brand Manager sitio®

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