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Long sleeve

Barcelona T1 Airport t-shirt | sitio®

Long sleeve has different reasons to be:

For character, because long sleeves are unfinished cities, villages with fields, mountains with peak, seas with waves, roads with curves and deserts with dunes.

For style, because we have always believed that long sleeve is more glamourous for map expression, where the sitio needs surface, space, be free, be extensive.

For mystery, because dressing gives imagination to other eyes.

For elegance, because the long sleeve is special “porte”. There are pieces of clothing and pieces of clothing. The sitio is from the second.

For protection, because your skin is sensitive and the sun‘s rays it’s so strong, powerful, and hot now. Don’t burn your skin. Take care of her with a long sleeve.

For love, because you love that sitio that you feel, live and dress, and deserves the maximum expression. Is one of your places in your life. The geographic part of life.

For image, because you give a beautiful, friendly, sociable, international, global, space and sidereal presence.

For you, because you deserve a beautiful piece of clothing for explaining the special relationship between you and your sitio.

For her, because the sitio only can be long sleeve. If not she loses too many things, too many environments, too many of you.

Long sleeve for many reasons.


Miquel Pujol Garcia
Brand Manager sitio®

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