Freqüent Asked Questions

What means “sitio” word?

The sitio word means place, site,…, but really for us means cities, towns, mountains, seas and roads where you love, where you live, where you work,…, everywhere that means something special for you.

There’s sitio’s better than others?

Absolutely NO NO NO and NO!!!! Every one has his sitio on Planet Earth. All sitio’s on the world are different and all sitio’s have their characteristics and peculiarities. The most important is that YOU love this sitio and dress it with style and proud. sitio® isn’t a politician project making difference between them. Is a tool project, is a project for love the Earth and the good things that she has.

What is ordering, preparing and shipping means 90 days waiting my “the sitio”?

YES !!! The slowfashion process for create “the sitio” is 90 days long, 3 months, one season weather. With this way doing our own, we want help the Planet joining resources, fabrics and travels for not contaminate too much, for not to go too much fast. If you buy a piece of clothing of dressing your sitio of Planet Earth, be calm, we are real, we are serious, we want that you be happy wearing the sitio of your life. If you are nervous, you can call me +34607938686 (my name is Miquel) … 😉

Would you like any special design for your enterprise, friends or family?

We will be very happy to listen your purposes. sitio® customize many pieces of clothing and we can do special designs for you for celebrate a love, a travel, a special sitio for you. Contact with us

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