The Brand

The Brand

The brand is named sitio®, we are a openbrand, a goodness tool and an expression of feelingliving and dressing the geographical creation of nature and human species in the best universally known habitable Planet. We are for sensible persons. We look the world through the filter of character and principles of respect, solidarity, romanticism and protection of environment in the fashion industry -and others-. These convictions are the backbone of our economy, growth and development.
The web, five unique flag-stores around the world and pop-up stores around them will be our commercial network. Help. Believe. Dream. Quality. Time. Slowfashion. Also, a deep inner will to give meaning to intrinsic fact that you are, you do and you are here. Person, action and sitio.

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Miquel Pujol Garcia
Carrer Onze de Setembre, 33, 3r 1a
08520. Les Franqueses del Vallès
Barcelona. Spain
NIF: 53.122.968-Y
Phone: +34 607 93 86 86
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